Proud Latinx Artist from the Bronx
Elisa Galindez | Proud Latinx Actor, Singer, Dancer, and Artist from the Bronx



Proud. Latinx. Artist. Bronx.

Elisa Galindez is an actor, singer, dancer, and artist. When not creating, you can find her in a trance over cheeseburgers or actually eating one. Elisa fell in love with the theater at a very young age and decided to pursue it fully when she turned nineteen. Throughout her life’s journey, she has desperately yearned for accurate reflections of herself and women of color, particularly in regards to the Latinx narrative. She is honored to stand on the shoulders of trailblazers before her and loves being a vessel of storytelling. Most of all, Elisa loves to make others laugh because she believes it serves as a reminder that we are all human and that is all anybody really wants. Thank you for coming along for the ride!

#representationmatters #palante

“It is a blessing to be the color of earth. Do you know how often flowers mistake me for home?”

– Rupi Kaur